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Replaceable skin layer (RSL) membranes

High intensity froth flotation (HIFF)

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DBE Hytec Ltd has a worldwide agreement from David Bromley Engineering Ltd. to market the Nanoflotation technology· High Intensity Froth Flotation (HiFF)· Replaceable Skin Layer Membranes (RSL Membranes ™) to water, wastewater and fluid treatment companies. Please note the two companies are separate and distinct companies. Typically, the Nanoflotation technology is sold through service providers to end users, thereby protecting the service providers” customer base.

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For more information on the Nanoflotation Technology-RSL Membranes-High Intensity Froth Flotation, please refer to David Bromley Engineering Ltd at www.dbe2000.com/nanoflotation-low-energy-low-cost-water-treatment/

For videos on the Nanoflotation Technology, please see "Nanoflotation" on YouTube or click on:  

Nanoflotation-RSL Membranes-High Intensity Mixing 

For Global Sales, please contact Mr. Chai Bin, President at Chai@dbehytec.com or phone (086)139-0101-0967


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